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Sergio Landau has always understood the importance of networking, especially as a Brazilian professional living abroad. He held an event in March 2008, and nearly 40 people showed up. During the event, Mr. Landau noticed that people liked the idea of getting together, networking, talking, exchanging ideas, and “rubbing shoulders”. 


In short, to go beyond the virtual world. In 2009, we repeated the event and it confirmed what he had previously observed. From that point on, we started having meetings and events more often, we started  “rubbing shoulders”, which is what we do today.

The BPA (Brazilian Professionals Abroad) is a networking group for professionals and executives who are Brazilian or are somehow linked to Brazil by marriage, profession, or some other way, and are currently living in the United States. 

We are a 501(c)(6) Organization, that promotes or addresses a specific common business interest. City chambers of commerce are common examples of 501(c)(6) organizations, as are professional organizations like the American Medical Association and the National Football League. While a 501(c)(6) may benefit the public, the mission of this type of organization is to address the shared interests and concerns of its members. Hence, 501(c)(6) organizations depend heavily on member contributions, which members may deduct from their taxes as business expenses. Contributions to a 501(c)(6) are not considered charitable contributions. Contributions to a 501(c)(6) are not considered charitable contributions.


To share member knowledge, best practices, and support; to advance each other’s career, business, and interests. This collaboration comes in many forms, including business resources, global market perspectives, company/individual referrals, leads sharing, and assistance navigating into new positions.


BPA promotes social inclusion by empowering the ethnic group of Brazilian immigrants in the United States to advance their careers and businesses in various industries, which contributes to enriching cultural diversity and fostering socio-economic development.

BPA supports the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) #10 “Reduced Inequalities” by supporting the minority group of Brazilians in the United States and thereby contributing to social inclusion.

BPA also promotes SDGs #11 “Sustainable Cities and Communities” and #12 “Responsible Consumption and Production” by supporting members' businesses that embrace environmentally sustainable practices.


Sergio Landau

Retired Senior International Financial Executive (currently consultant) covering 4 continents. Adaptable to several manufacturing business segments. Instrumental in the restructuring of operating businesses as well as the development of talent and leadership. BS in economics, UERJ, and MBA in International Business, FDU.

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