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BPA Membership

The Brazilian Professionals Abroad (BPA), is a networking group for Brazilian professionals living in the United States and the objective of BPA is to provide a networking platform that supports professional growth for Brazilians in the U.S.


Currently, BPA maintains three classes of membership:

  1. Connect Plus Membership

  2. Connect Plus Alumni

  3. Partners and Sponsors

  4. Connect Plus Undergraduates

  5. Connect Plus Retirees 


Connect Plus Membership

The main criteria for acceptance into our group’s Connet Plus Membership is that a member must be 1) Brazilian living in the U.S. 2) Brazilian-connected people such as a spouse, domestic partner, or child 3) Non-Brazilian person who is a former resident of Brazil now living in the U.S 4) Non-Brazilian person who works with Brazilians in the U.S. and 5) be an active or retired Brazilian professional in the U.S. Members subscribing to this category may engage in discussions relating to the overall economy and business environment, job offers or job searching opportunities, the sharing of communications affecting the Brazilian community such as changes in immigration policies, new travel requirements, etc. You must have permission to work in the USA. 
Investment: $297 annual membership 


Connect Plus Alumni

BPA maintains the membership of members who move back to Brazil or to other countries. The types of activities to be engaged in by this class of members are the same as outlined for those members in the General Membership class.

Investment: $97 while living outside the USA. 


Sponsors and Partners

A BPA sponsor is an individual representing a commercial organization that wishes to leverage BPA's pool of members to advertise their business for a fee. A BPA Supporting Member is an individual who belongs to an entity and is authorized by such entity to promote BPA's interests or to provide a service. 

Connect Plus Undergraduates

BPA incentivizes professional networking for undergraduate students. With that goal in mind, we offer a reduced rate for students who are completing their studies. In addition, we co-organize events with student organizations that support the dissemination of knowledge in the Brazilian student community in the United States. 

Investment: $97 annual membership while attending school 

Connect Plus Retirees: 
BPA welcomes all the experience and wisdom from members who are not letting retirement slow them down. These members want to stay up to date in their industry and have an interest in mentoring other members and serving as volunteers. 
Investment: $97 annual membership

If approved, you'll receive an invoice to pay your membership dues. 

Membership fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. 

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