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Airam da Silva is an esteemed Nonprofit Executive and President of ICLA, known for his expertise in capital campaign strategies and donor relations. His leadership consistently exceeds fundraising targets.


He enhances stakeholder engagement and drives organizational growth. At ICLA, Airam has effectively eliminated barriers for patients needing bone marrow and cord blood transplants. His strategic insights have improved access to essential treatments.


This has significantly enhanced the quality and reach of healthcare services. He initiated the IclaCares program to support low-income patients facing financial hardships. This program covers expenses not included by insurance such as transportation and accommodations.


It reflects his commitment to making healthcare accessible to all. Airam's leadership has profoundly impacted ICLA's mission, increasing the number of patients receiving lifesaving treatments. His dedication inspires his team and the broader community. He continues to push for innovation in patient care and support.

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